July 12, 2016

Helping Nonprofit Leaders See and Do Things Differently

Significant research and mountains of anecdotal evidence show that nonprofits and professional association boards are not performing at the levels that their organizations need and expect. At the same time, the vital role that nonprofit organizations and associations play in society is more important than ever. In our work with hundreds of nonprofits and associations over the past 20 - plus years, we’ve seen first-hand the correlation between high-performing boards and high-performing organizations. And we’ve heard the same question from Chief Executives over and over again: What can I do to help my board to be more focused, engaged,  and productive?

 The answers lie partly in the organization's existing board practices and culture, and partly in an organization’s ability to help their board members fully understand their role and its spoken — and sometimes unspoken — expectations. Getting everyone up to speed and on the same page continues to challenge nonprofits and associations. And, while there’s no shortage of helpful information for board members out there, getting something in front of them that they will actually read is easier said than done. That’s how the idea for Step Up! took shape. A handbook designed for today’s hyper-busy board members, Step Up! offers guidance in a format that is concise, accessible and conversational. And, as one nonprofit leader commented, “Step Up! is not wishy washy… it actually spells out what to do and what not to do.”  Learn more

Category: Board Leadership

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